Meet Our Producers

Our farmers and bakers and picklers and cheesemakers bring the best foods in our region to our weekend markets:

Cucina Al Volo (BFM, 14&U) Cucina Al Volo is a new pasta manufacturing company that Matteo Catalani started with the intent of touching people with his passion and his food, all made with 100% local and organic ingredients from the farmers’ markets in the DC area. The company’s mission is to create and deliver the best quality pasta all from local ingredients so you can have simply and deliciously made Italian food al volo, or literally, “on the fly.”

Garner’s Produce (BFM, 14&U) Located in the warm Northern Neck of Virginia, Garner’s Produce has the longest growing season of all our vegetable and fruit farmers.  They are the first with strawberries and the last to have corn in the Fall. This 110 acre family farm brings to our markets many varieties of summer squash, eggplants, greens, shelling and fresh beans and many other vegetables and berries.  In 2010, Garner’s Produce was awarded the Virginia Century Farm status, an honor given to farms that have been in operation for at least 100 consecutive years.

Keswick Creamery (BFM) 15 different hand-crafted cheeses, yoghurt, and pudding made from the milk of the dairy’s herd of humanely raised, grass-fed Jersey cows in the Cumberland Valley (near Newberg, PA). Keswick’s European-style, aged, raw milk and pasteurized fresh cheeses will keep you coming back to try seasonal varieties like Dragon’s Breath, washed rind Tommes, and Blue Suede Moo. Their chocolate pudding is irresistible and their yogurt wows everyone who samples it.

Kuhn’s Orchards (14&U) Fifth generation farmer Sidney Kuhn and her parents David and Mary Margaret raise cherries, apples, stone fruits, asparagus, berries, on their farms in Adams County, They also raise less common vegetables: French haricots verts, tomatillos, chestnuts, artichokes, bitter melon, European varietals of pumpkins and winter squash along with heirloom tomatoes and melons.

Little Wild Things City Farm (BFM) Little Wild Things is an urban micro farm in Washington, DC producing organic microgreens, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  They partner with smart property owners to turn underutilized spaces into beautiful urban micro-farms that produce a bounty of healthy, fresh produce. Together, these small spaces add up to Little Wild Things City Farm.

McCleaf’s Orchards (14&U) This fifth generation family farm, located in the hills of Adams County, Pennsylvania, raises a variety of berries, cherries, tree fruits and a wide range of salad greens and vegetables using sustainable practices.  Their kiwi berries have a cult status among their fans, who wait all year for the three week season.

Mountain View Farm (BFM, 14&U) Mountain View Farm is a small family farm located on the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship in Loudoun County, Virginia. Shawna and Attila grow Certified Organic vegetables (including many rare mid-Atlantic heirloom varieties), seasonally available pastured meats, and produce lacto-fermented kimchi and other condiments.  Their Asian Greens and Asian squash are prized.

Number 1 Sons (BFM, 14&U) Number 1 Sons is a brother-sister team making barrel fermented foods in Arlington, VA.  From kimchi to pickles to sauerkrauts. Spicy, savory, cucumbers, cabbage, beans, beets… there’s something for everyone. Stop by for a taste.

Pecan Meadow (14&U) Grass-fed, half-Piedmontese beef; rabbit and pastured poultry, goat, lamb, duck; chicken, duck and goose eggs raised by this family farm in Newberg, Pennsylvania. Lois’ Pumpkin Whoopie pies started the craze in DC.  You will see Daniel and his son, Ryan at market.  Pecan Meadow raises the pumpkins for those famous Whoopie pies and recently began cultivating mushrooms.

Panorama Baking Company (BFM, 14&U) Fresh breads and other baked goods from their bakery in Alexandria, Virginia. Baker-Owner Loic Feillet is from Brittany and his bakery makes traditional French breads, buns, and breakfast  pastries. Get to the market early if you have your heart set on one of their baguettes or croissants. Their famous Rustique is found at Citronelle, CityZen and Central restaurants as well as our markets.

Plant Masters (14&U) Plant Masters creates a pop-up flower and plant center every Saturday during the market season with their assortment of fresh flowers, dried flowers, annuals, perennials, and herbs. Their Gaithersburg Maryland suburban farm also includes five of their neighbor’s backyards, a happy arrangement for their neighbors and their customers.  The range of plants, cut flowers and flowering branches is unusual and long- lived.  Lee Jr also has beautiful multi colored eggs and home-made dog treats.

Reid’s Orchard & Winery (BFM) Reid’s Orchard & Winery have used Integrated Pest Management to grow high quality, low pesticide input fruits and vegetables on their family farm in Buchanan Valley, PA, since 1976. Dave and Kathy Reid and their family bring to market delicious table grapes and a mouthwatering assortment of tree fruits and berries: 70 different varieties of traditional and heirloom apples through the season, asian pears, cherries, plums, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, heirloom tomatoes, ciders and preserves.  They create a nursery stand full of herbs and starter plants at market in May and June. Check out their winery in Ortanna.

Truck Patch Farms (BFM, 14&U) Farming a fifth generation family farm in New Windsor, MD, Truck Patch raises free roaming pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Bryan and Kristen are known for their strawberries, tender baby greens, (arugula! mesclun!) unusual brassicas (including purple cauliflower), tables of heirloom tomatoes and squashes and freshly cut herbs. The sausages and bacons have a big following in DC and Baltimore.

Whisked! (BFM, 14&U) Whisked! celebrates the traditions of American baking. Jenna and her small, inventive baking team specializes in sweet and savory artisanal pies, with fillings fresh from the farmers’ market. Their bar cookies, cakes, and hand pies are locally legendary.

You can see where the farmers are located on the handy LOCAL PRODUCER MAP.