Bonus Bucks


When customers use their SNAP (food stamps/EBT) cards, “Get Fresh” WIC and Senior checks, and/or WIC “Cash-Value Checks” at our markets, they are eligible for Bonus Bucks: up to $10 in matching dollars, per benefit, per person, per weekly market . That means if someone spends a $5 WIC check, she gets another $5 in tokens to spend on fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables at the market that weekend… absolutely free! If she also spends $10 of her food stamps at the market, she will receive tokens to purchase an additional $10. That’s right: we match UP TO $10 per benefit, per person, per weekly market visit, every weekend during the market season.  Bonus Bucks can be used to buy fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese and eggs.

TIP: It works best to spread your benefits over the market season. That way you can get the most out of matching Bonus Bucks. (We can only match UP TO $10 per benefit per person per market.  For example, we are happy if you spend all $30 of your “Get Fresh” checks at our market, but if you spend them all in a single day, we can only match up to $10.)

Our Bonus Bucks Program is run and funded by DC Greens at our markets and two others.

Still have questions about Bonus Bucks? Stop by the market’s information table to learn more.