Bonus Bucks


When customers use their “Get Fresh” WIC and Senior checks, and/or WIC “Cash-Value Checks” at our markets, they are eligible for Bonus/Matching Dollars: up to $10 in matching dollars, per person, per weekly market until funds run out. That means if someone spends a $5 WIC check, she gets another $5 in tokens to spend on fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables at the market that weekend… absolutely free! Or perhaps she spends $10 of her food stamps at the market, she will receive tokens to purchase an additional $10. That’s right: we match UP TO $10 per person, per weekly market visit, every weekend during the market season until funds run out.

TIP: It works best to spread your benefits over the market season. That way you can get the most out of matching Bonus/Matching Dollars. (We match UP TO $10 per person per market.  For example, we are happy if you spend all $30 of your “Get Fresh” checks at our market, but if you spend them all in a single day, we can only match up to $10.)

Still have questions about Bonus/Matching Dollars? Stop by the market’s information table to learn more.